Prosperovat s málem – Zjednodušení života

Na stránkách jsem se dostal k zajímavým informacím:

Kniha The Power of Less, volně šiřitelný text Free Ebook: Thriving on Less – Simplifying in a Tough Economy. Informace o autorovi –Leo Babauta

Další užitečné odkazy:

– This is my blog, with many articles on all of these topics and more. Be sure to start with the Beginner’s Guide to Zen Habits.


– My favorite blog about personal finances and frugality, Get Rich Slowly is written by J.D. Roth with a very common sense, personal approach to budgeting, saving, investing, being frugal and more.


– Another great personal finance blog, The Simple Dollar is all about frugality and simplicity, and also full of a lot of common sense. A must read.


– Another of the best personal finance blogs on the Internet, Wisebread has a group of excellent writers covering all range of financial topics.


– One of the best blogs on the Internet for articles on simple living and living an uncluttered lifestyle.


, by Joe Dominguez and Vicki Robbin – No book on money is more important. If you haven’t read this book yet, you must. It’s simply life transforming, and takes the way most people look at money and turns it on its head. My philosophy about money stems from this book.


, by Elaine St. James – I began simplifying my life when I first read this book a decade ago, and though I’ve had some ups and downs, I credit my love for simplifying to this book. It’s an easy read and there are some great tips in there.


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